The story of humanity begins in a garden. It ends with a picture that reflects this same picture of humanity co-ruling with God in a new creation. And sprinkled in between are a host of gardens that speak to the reality of life on earth.

In 2022, we explored these different gardens to see what they say about what it means to tend to this world and our lives as images of God and followers of Jesus.


In The Beginning...

January 2, 2022

In our first lesson, we turn to the first page and first few sentences of Genesis. We find a pre-creation state of wild and waste, unordered and uninhabited, formless and empty. But darkness and deep can be transformed into life-giving waters by the presence of God.

God Created...

January 9, 2022

Genesis 1 tells a new story to the people of the Ancient Near East that stands in contrast to their own cosmologies. The Israelite God is not one who needs violence to establish the earth, He is powerful enough to simply speak and invite creation into being what it can be.

In The Image Of God...

January 16, 2022

What does it mean to be made in the image of God and how should that influence the way we live and relate to one another and to God? Often in temples you would find an idol or image there to represent the god to the people, in Genesis 1 we find God placing humanity in His temple to represent Him in and to the world.

The Seventh Day...

January 23, 2022

What is the significance of the seventh day? What does it mean to say God rested? What would our lives look like if we embraced the wisdom and call to rest with God on a regular basis?

A Human and a River...

January 30, 2022

Three things come from the ground: a stream, a human, and trees. What can we learn from these three and how do we become humans who are trees planted by the stream of life. 

Human alone, not good...

February 6, 2022

What does it mean for the woman to be a helper and how does man and woman's unity reflect the nature of God?

A Snake and a Choice...

February 20, 2022

Life is going good in the garden, but a snake shows up and presents humans with a choice. Will they do what is good in their own eyes, or will they submit to the wisdom and instruction of the Creator?

A Sound and Three Questions...

February 27, 2022

After failing the test by taking the fruit, the humans hide from God. God's response shows compassion and righteousness. God's response to us is the same today. 

Curses and Consequences...

March 6, 2022

The snake and the ground bear the weight of God's curse while the human and the woman endure the consequences of now living in an environment that does not produce like the garden ideal.

Co-workers in the field...

March 13, 2022

Many voices all proclaiming Jesus, but who should we follow? Jesus.

Noah and

March 20, 2022

Noah is a chosen human who survives chaos waters by a floating tree of life. He enters a new re-creation but fails the test of the tress in the garden of his own making.

Abraham under a tree...

March 27, 2022

The story of Abraham includes many high places and meetings with God under trees.

Jesus Passes The Garden Test...

April 10, 2022

The story finds its cumlination in Jesus, but can the chosen savior pass the test that no one else could?

HaPPPPPy Resurrection Sunday...

April 17, 2022

Jesus' victory over death means He offers us His presence, peace, proof, purpose, and promise.

Moses And A Tree On Fire...

April 24, 2022

We're going back in the story to look at another chosen one, saved through the waters, and called to deliver God's people. But will he pass the test of the tree?

Jesus Revealed on a Mountain

May 1, 2022

Jesus meets with two prophets on a Mountain, and why does that matter to us?

Humble Beginnings to Great Expectations

May 8, 2022

Mary, Jesus' mother, said yes to her calling, and the world changed.

Water and Weeding

May 15, 2022

What can the Old Testament wisdom of Ecclesiastes teach us about practical faith?

New Heaven and New Earth

May 29, 2022

Jeff wraps up the Life is a Garden series with a hopeful look towards both a present and future in the Kingdom of God.