We are a group of 7th-12th grade students who are seeking to lead others into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  Whatever our story, we believe that we all have room to grow as followers of Jesus.  We desire to be accepting and inclusive of students from every aspect of life: rich or poor, popular or unpopular, good grades or bad grades, athletic or unathletic.  When we are joined by new students, we want to be open and accepting so that they will know that they belong with us.


We believe that we are influenced most heavily by the people that we spend time with.  We provide a safe space where students can come together and be themselves with no fear of judgment.  We desire to be a group that influences each other positively in Jesus Christ.  We also believe that part of learning to follow Jesus is serving others.  We provide opportunities for our students to meet the physical and spiritual needs of others in our community.  We also believe that worshipping God is not something to be done alone.  We sing in worship to God, but we also seek to worship God with the way that we live.


We have a regular meeting time on Wednesday nights which includes a time of hanging out, praying for each other, learning about God, and talking in small groups.  This time is designed to deepen our friendships with each other and with God.  We also have events and service opportunities throughout the year including weekend retreats, camps, and fun get-togethers.


On Wednesday nights we meet in the cafeteria at DuPont Tyler Middle School (431 Tyler Dr. Hermitage, TN).  The doors open at 6 and we spend time hanging out together until around 7 when we begin our time of fun, prayer, and learning together.  We finish up with our small groups around 8:00.


To see our upcoming events and to sign up, CLICK HERE!