Our Mission

Our mission is to lead as many people as possible into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Our Vision

Our vision to be an irresistible church for our next door neighbors and the next generation.

We believe we need God, we need each other and the world needs us. Too many of us are walking through life alone, frustrated and weary. We want stronger relationships and we need help, but we’ve bought into a culture that plays to on-screen relationships that only go surface-deep. Our vision is to simply do what Jesus told us to do by loving God and loving each other in a way that leads to active faith, authentic relationships, stronger families, and connected communities. A church that is like Jesus; that's irresistible! 


We began when a group of people came together in the Berryville community(now Old Hickory) in the 1940's. That group formed a church which moved to Hermitage in 1967. After spending 50 years at that location the leadership was led to make the next move. We wanted to be a church for our community. So after many conversations and a ton of prayer, the decision was made to move our gatherings into DuPont Tyler Middle School. We are excited about partnering with DTMS to serve their 600 students and the surrounding community. We are determined to break through the barriers of cultural Christianity and lay the groundwork for a new community that will be sold-out for Jesus and growing in a genuine love for our neighbors.


As we grow and lean into the vision God has given us for being for our community, we are focused on creating space for relationships to deepen. We want kids, students and adults to thrive in large group and small group environments designed for celebrating a big God, engaging in honest conversations and actively living life together in our community and around the world.