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We are excited to invite you to celebrate Back-To-School Sunday on August 11 with New Garden Church at DuPont Tyler Middle School at 10am. For more information about what to expect on a typical Sunday, click here. But this is no typical Sunday! This day is dedicated to celebrating those people who work for a living making sure the children and teens in our community are educated, loved, and empowered to be the person the world needs them to be. In addition to our times of singing and study, we will have dedicated time to pray for our school employees and we’ll also be giving special gifts and certificates for teachers who are able to join us. We have also decided that 100% of our offering from the day will be donated to DTMS to meet certain needs and bless this school community.

If you are planning on joining us, please RSVP by filling out the survey below. This will allow us to have a personally prepared goodie bag ready for you to enjoy.

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