Next Step…become a partner!

We are excited that your family wants to become a fully invested and engaged part of our New Garden family. Your family will be called “partners”. The intentional language change from the traditional word “member” serves to show that we value each person’s unique story and gifts. We don’t want New Garden to be a place where people pay dues and are entertained. We want you to be an essential part in the eternal difference we make in our community by lifting the name of Jesus high with worship, family, hospitality, and discipleship. You are not a consumer, you are a contributor! With that said, here are four things that set New Garden Partners apart from ordinary church attendees:



New Garden Partners understand the importance of connecting relationally with other people. We believe everyone was created for community, God calls us into community, and we are better together. Circles are better than rows, and as we grow bigger as a church we also want to grow smaller by choosing community with a smaller and more intimate group.


New Garden Partners not only serve our community, but they also passionately serve on one of our volunteer teams. From Welcome, Respond, Set-Up/Tear-Down, Kids or Students there is always room for you to be directly involved in creating awesome experiences at New Garden that show just how awesome our community of imperfect people really is.


New Garden Partners relentlessly invite people to come and experience the love of Christ that is expressed not only in our weekly service, but also in the intimacy of our Life Groups. This is how our church grows! We believe nothing communicates the love and mission of Christ more than regularly inviting friends, family, co-workers, classmates, neighbors, or even your waiter or waitress to experience our community of hospitality, where everyone always belongs even if they don’t believe.


New Garden Partners understand that in order to reach the broken and the lost in our community, we must all make sacrifices, not only financially, but also with our time, energy, and talents. New Garden Partners give sacrificially to our weekly offerings as well as special opportunities that arise to support our friends and family in need. We pride ourselves on being a church that is RADICALLY generous and that begins with the generosity of our partners.

Click the button below to open the Partnership Form. After you submit your information our ministry staff will reach out to you to schedule the final step in the process: “Greenhouse.” It’s a chance for our leadership team to get to know you and your family and provide you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.