Jesus made it clear: the world needs us. We believe in meeting tangible needs both in our community and around the world. Through our food pantry ministry, mentoring students and our partnerships with incredible organizations in our community and worldwide, we're taking a hands-on approach to loving our neighbors.

In addition to providing volunteers, we're also committed to giving away 100% of our weekly offering each week. Every dollar we receive will be given back to our community in some way. We are hoping to partner with local organizations who are taking up the fight every day against poverty, injustice, homelessness, and inequality. We also hope to host community focused events to bless our neighbors for no other reason than to love and serve them. We hope this year of radical giving will encourage others to catch the spirit of generosity. Our generosity blog will be a place we can share the stories and impact we get to have this year by turning every monetary gift into a gift for someone else.