Let's be generous

Often the church is known for what we are against instead of what we are FOR. Because of this, we come off as judgmental, hypocritical, "holier-than-thou" people instead of being known as people who love others, are full of grace, and are generous with what we have. At New Garden Church, we want to be known for what we are FOR. And we are FOR GENEROSITY. 

There is no one more generous than our God who created this world. No one more generous than His Son who became poor and gave His life so that we might become rich. No one more generous than the Spirit that lives within us and gives to each believer gifts needed to fulfill our mission of loving the world. 

If that is the God we follow, then it would make since that His followers would also be generous. Generous with our time. Generous with our abilities. Generous with our resources and money. Everything we have belongs to God. We are stewards of what He has given us. The question we have to answer is, how are we doing with what we have been given. Are we using it only for ourselves or are we freely sharing with others to the glory of God? 

Want to get in on the generosity party? Got an idea of a way to serve our community or world? Submit your idea by clicking the picture below and get together with our generosity committee to see how we can make your dream of making a better world come true.

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The generosity initiative

On Sunday, August 26th everyone was given $20 to be used in a generous way. Click the image below to report how your money was spent and we will match every reported dollar to fund needed supplies at DuPont Tyler Middle School that teachers typically have to purchase from their own pocket. Please report your generous act by Sunday, September 9. 

Needing ideas on how to spend your money? Here are a few ideas:

-Don't pass a person selling a paper this week without buying one until all your money is gone.

-Go out with another family after church, engage the server in conversation and then leave them an extravagant tip(if you eat with four other people, that would be $100)

-Go to Lowe's and buy a potted flower for someone in your neighborhood and leave it on their porch with a note of encouragement but no name.

-Sit down with your kids as a family and say, "Our church likes to do nice things for other people. What is something we can do as a family with our $80?" Maybe kids could come up with better things than us.

-Buy the meal of the person behind you at the drive-through.

-Buy the coffee of the person behind you in line at the coffee shop and actually say, "our church wants us to do something nice for someone else this week, may I pay for your coffee today?"

-Cook a meal for another family at church and invite them over.

-Take your kids to the store and make a "teacher appreciation gift" to take to their teacher on the first day of school.

-Pay for someone's bus pass.

-Buy donuts for people at your workplace.

-Go buy a bunch of cards and send encouraging notes to shut-ins, family members, old friends.

-Offer to pay for an older person at CVS who might be on a fixed income.

-Go to bank and exchange money for quarters. Hang out at the laundromat and pay for people's laundry. Bring snacks/drinks for others.

-Take your family to Target and buy some toys and deliver them to a shelter that has kids.