Day 10 - February 5th, 2019 - Madeline

I have decided during this month to focus in on two names each day. I wanted to be able to keep returning to specific names that are on my heart throughout the day, rather than speeding through columns of names during an allotted time. With focusing more specifically, I have found myself wanting so badly to know more about those on my list. For example, how old is Samuel? Is he an adult or a child? What does he need prayer for in particular? I would love to know more about each person in order to be able to pray more specific prayers for them.

But I know I will not know these facts. All I know is a first name and where to send a postcard. These people are strangers to me, and yet we are connected somehow. I know I may never cross paths with the people I have been praying for, and that frustrates me. I want to know if I’ve been praying the right things or if anything I prayed for was helpful for them. How cool would it be at the end of this month to be able to sit down one-on-one with each person from your list and hear about what has occurred in their lives?

The thing is, that is not what this is about.

Why am I so focused on results? Usually when we pray it is for a situation that we know about or have a connection to. Maybe your best friend’s grandmother is sick. So even though your family is not directly affected by the sickness, your friend is and you have a connection to it. You receive updates on how she is doing, and you watch everything close up. This is so different.

It feels like a different level of faith to be praying about something that I truly may never know the result of. I can’t keep tabs on God this way, seeing whether or not He is doing what I have asked. This kind of prayer and trust is a game-changer.

I am reminded, though, that my prayers are not what is working for the good of the names on my list — my God is. I only get to play a small part in it, and I am humbled even by that. Rest in the knowledge that your fancy words and specific requests are not changing the lives of the people across Nashville. The God who made them all is doing that.

We have been entrusted with names of people, people like Samuel. I may never meet Samuel, but I can pray that God continues to open his eyes and his heart to the ways that God is working around him. And I can trust that God is doing His part. Because He is.

Michael Clinger