Day 24 - February 19th, 2019 - Madeline

It’s crazy to think that this season of Awaken Nashville is coming to a close. We are in our last week of praying and fasting for our city, and if you have made it this far that’s amazing! I want each of us to finish this month out as strongly and enthusiastically as we began it!

If this is the first time you’ve taken on a spiritual challenge like this, let me commend you. It is scary to commit to something like this! A month is a long time, and if you are still around and reading this blog, you should be proud.

If you have completely fallen off the tracks of your praying and fasting, don’t beat yourself up. Consider today the chance you have to recommit! It’s never too late. Lean into these next few days as you pray for those on your list.

I don’t know what you have learned during this process, but take some time to reflect on the month. Don’t let this just be something cool you did once, and then it was over. Take it in.

Take a few minutes to ask yourself these questions this week:

How has your prayer life changed this month?

How has God spoken to you during this month?

Has God moved in your life in a special way?

What have you learned about yourself and about God during this month?

I have learned that the more I pray on purpose, the more I pray naturally. It’s like when you are becoming friends with someone or catching up with an old friend, you have to reach out to them purposefully to try to connect with them. Then, as you become closer or connect more frequently, that person becomes the one you call while you’re driving because you’re bored or the person you immediately want to share news with. When I take the time to intentionally set aside time for prayer, I find myself praying before I even know that I am. What a beautiful thing! When I set my heart on seeking God, it becomes the natural rhythm of my heart to continue seeking God. As I finish out this month, I am reminded that I need to continue pursuing God purposefully, so that He is the one I naturally gravitate to.

So I want to challenge us as we go forward to take a piece of Awaken Nashville with us as we move forward. Maybe it is continuing to set aside specific time for prayer each day. Maybe it is continuing to pray for those on your list. Maybe it’s incorporating fasting into your life regularly in some way. Choose something to take with you that challenges you, something that pushes you to seek God more deeply. Don’t be afraid to ask these questions of the people around you, too! Challenge them to take something with them that they have learned. Ask them what they are going to continue doing that pushes them in their prayer life. If you can’t think of anyone to ask, come ask me and I’ll ask you too!

Thank you all for going on this journey. What an honor it is to be part of something greater than ourselves, right? I am excited to see the ways that Awaken Nashville impacts our city and glorify God for it all.

Michael Clinger