Day 19 - February 13 - Jeff

Fasting and praying is not the easiest thing to do in our world today, especially when you are going at it alone. I have been very encouraged by a small group of guys that I have known for a long time as we aligned our schedules to fast on the same day. I like to think the timing was a God thing because my friend Rob sent me a text letting me know his plan and asking what my plan was, and it turned out they were the same. So we roped in Josh and Jeff F. into the plan. We have been able to pray for and with one another over the course of the past couple weeks as we share our triumphs and our trials. And what’s even more amazing about it in my opinion, is that we all go to different churches. We may never see each other on a Sunday morning, but we are part of a movement of God that connects us to something greater and bigger than ourselves. So if you are out there and you feel like you are doing this alone, you’re not. There are others, some in our own church, but many more you will never meet. I am praying for them, and I am praying for you as we pray for others. We are the body of Christ.

Jeff Palk